Click and Download our Free Offering Envelope Template and Create Your Own Design

Offering Envelope Templates

Click on either image below to download our offering envelope template.

Open in your favorite graphic design program and start getting creative. When using PHOTOSHOP the uploaded file renders perfectly to size. When using InDESIGN or ILLUSTRATOR or similar graphic app, please set page size to: landscape 6½" x 3⅝" for Pew-Size-1 and 6¼" x 3⅛" for Pew-Size-3 and scale uploaded file to this size if necessary.

When you are finished designing please convert into PDF or high resolution JPEG. Your offering envelope created with this template uploads perfectly on our order page. Your design will be saved in your account for easy re-ordering.

Note: The downloaded offering envelope template is simply a blank white image, but it is the correct image ratio for your offering envelope to upload correctly.
Offering Envelope Template Tithe Envelope Template Pew Size 3